Jumat, 11 Maret 2011

How to Take Care a Pregnant Dog?

As the best friend of human, dog becomes one of our members in our families. When it is the time for new members' coming, we want to do everything to prepare for them. What we should do appropriately for caring for our pregnant dogs?

I experienced this period of taking care of my pregnant dog, and I got some useful tips we should pay attention to for a better care for dogs. Now I would like to share my experience with you.
The pregnant time of dog is 60- 63 days total. You need to keep an eye on the symptoms of pregnant dogs to make sure when they became pregnant and make a time count.

When your dogs are surely of being pregnant, it is the time you need to do some care work and preparation for the coming puppies.

You should feed your dog with special diet in this special period of time.

Vitamins and mineral supplements are necessary for your pregnant dogs. When dogs came into the fourth week of pregnancy, more vitamins and mineral supplements are needed. There are vitamins and minerals sold in powder and tablet forms, no matter which from you choose for your god, make sure they are from reliable brands worthy trust.

The diet you prepare for your pregnant dog should contains of high protein and essential fats. Choose dog foods from big brands that produce dogs' food of good quality. This is no time for cheap dog food.

You can add some bulk in to make your dog have a better appetite if they don't feel like to eat enough as they need.

Avoid by-products such as beaks, claws in the diet of your pregnant dogs for they are not good for their health and unsuitable to have in this special time. If it is possible, yogurt and other calcium rich foods would be better.

Besides a healthy diet, appropriate sports are needed; avoid those intense sports which may hurt your dogs. Try to walk them everyday to keep them fit.

At last, it is time to welcome the little matrons. Make a dry, warm and soft dog house for them, to create a good condition for matrons.

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