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Robo Dwarf Hamster Care

If the robo dwarf hamsters are raised with other members of its kind, from an early age they will tend to be peaceful and tolerant of each other. The male robo dwarf often helps in the raising of the newborn pups. The Roborovskii is reported to have the longest life span of 2 to 3.5 years.
Robo dwarf hamster care is very much the same care as the other hamsters, however because of their small size there are a few things to keep in mind when buying supplies:
  • Housing should be chew and escape proof - a ten gallon aquarium with a secure breathable lid is an deal home for 2  full grown adults in a well ventilated draft free area, never in sunlight or near heaters, drafts or fans.
  • Purchase wooden untreated chewable toys, not plastic
  • Exercise wheel geared for dwarf hamster size
  • Use prepackaged  bedding material consisting of pine or alder shavings, avoid using cedar shavings as this can make your pet ill.
  • Choose  dust free as possible bedding material as dust can be irritating to your pet.
Robo dwarf hamsters really like to have a bath and not just any bath -a sand bath!  This helps them clean the oil from their coat by rolling around in the sand.
Their bedding should be changed at least once a week and if a few are grouped and living together, change at least twice a week or more.
Dwarf hamsters are true hoarding animals and enjoy removing and then hiding their food. Use clean non toxic feed bowls and feeders made of stainless steel or ceramic, placed within easy reach for you Robo.
Proper nutrition plays a important role in the your pets quality of life.  Here are some of the many things robo's enjoy eating:
  • Pelleted hamster diets of more than 14% protein content
  • Occasional small treats of bird seeds or insects or meal worms purchased from the pet store
  • Occasional raw vegetable in small amounts
  • Fresh clean water access

Foods to avoid feeding:
  • Candy, dried fruits, raisins
  • Cooked or processed foods
  • Chocolate, junk food
The robo dwarf hamster can become ill if not fed a balanced nutritious diet. Please check and make sure that the commercial hamster diet you purchase is fresh and not out of date.

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