Senin, 14 Februari 2011

The Search for the Smallest Monkey

Monkeys, scientifically speaking, are the closest relative human beings have, given that they are also primates. Nowadays, people find monkeys exceptionally special and intelligent, that they are adopted as pets. Now that the fad for small pets is in, this article will provide you two of the well known smallest monkeys to boot-and see if they are good enough for your taste as a pet.

One of the famous small animals you will see in the world is the Tarsier, an animal found in the Philippines. Famous for their bug eyes, the Philippine Tarsier was branded as the world's smallest monkey-even if it is not a monkey. They are not exactly primates, but zoologists were left with no choice but to place them there since they have no other place to put them in. They used to be a good choice for a pet, but since their diet comprises mostly of bugs, aside from the fact that they are already endangered, keeping them as pets was dropped out as an option.

The true title for the world's smallest monkey, in reality, is awarded to the pygmy marmoset. First, it is guaranteed a monkey, and second, it is indeed small, reaching up to only five inches in length and six ounces in weight. They would have been cute pets, but they are extremely loud and squeals a lot, so keeping them in the city would definitely cause problems.

Not all small and cute creatures could be kept as a pet. So in conclusion, if they cannot adapt to the city life that you have, best leave them to the forest, their kingdom, where they truly belong.

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