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What Mum Didn't Tell You About Pandas

There are about 1000 Pandas left in the world today. About 80 percent of these live in Sichuan province in China.

Pandas are very cute, they move slow and they like to eat, sleep, play in water and actually take showers when there is water flowing. They also like climbing trees and the main food is Bamboo.
A normal Panda will eat about 10 to 13 Kilograms of food per day if eating only Bamboo leaves. If a Panda decide on eating a thin Bamboo stick called Jian Bamboo for its daily choice of food, the Panda will eat up to 3000 sticks. However if the Panda is in a really good and hungry mood and want to for the Bamboo shoots, then they eat up to 40 Kilograms in one day. The Average Panda spends about 12 hours per day, looking for food.

80 percent of the food they eat is not properly digested by them so they "go to the Panda bathroom many times per day" There is very little water in the bamboo so Pandas drink a lot.
Pandas have big problems today. It is getting more and more difficult for them to survive. Pandas like to settle and stay in one place, high mountain areas with lots of vegetation.
In the spring the Panda will move downwards to look for love, or a mate. A Panda will start this search when they are around 7 - 8 years old.

As in many other animal cultures, there are usually several male Pandas competing for the attention of one, single female Panda. The Panda lady. Who is going to end with the lady is decided by fighting amongst the male Pandas.

A very interesting part is that when the male Panda wins his bride, they will have sex, Panda sex I guess and then they do not stay together, it is sort-of a situation where they both go back to their own separate places to sleep.

A female Panda are usually pregnant for 3 to 5 months, then she will make a hole as a birthplace and put some leaves and things inside. They usually have just one baby, but if they have twins for example, one will eventually die, since the mother will care for only one of them.

The new-born Panda, can't walk, can't see or care for itself. For about 3 weeks or so they Panda needs to be held more or less all the time by the Mother.

A Panda will weigh around 30 Kilogram in 6 months, about 100 kilograms in a year and around 150 Kg after a year and a half. That's when the Panda leaves hit Mother and is on his own.

Pandas live in tree areas, their eyes are not so good, normally they only see about 3 meters. But the have great listening and very strong developed sense of smell.

For a wild Panda, the average lifetime is around 20 years.

The biggest fear a Panda will have is that the Bamboo will die. Wild Pandas decrease fast and to help the Panda left in the world today, anyone can make donations to for example Pandas International, where anyone can adopt a Panda. WWF also have focus on the Panda and donations are welcome

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